Drive for Life.

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Everyone should take the driving seriously. Your minor mistake or carelessness can take your or someone else’s life. Thousands of people die every year just because of bad and unsafe driving. There are certain easy and simple steps to follow while driving.

Remember US&M before entering in your vehicle. If you possess any of US&M never ever drive. U stands for the under the influence of alcohol or drugs, S stands for sleepy and M stands for Mad. If you are mad or upset on something you will be most likely to have an accident.

Now you are in the car so make sure the car you are driving is safe to drive before you turn on the key. If it is not safe to drive, think if it is really worth it to drive in an unsafe car. If it is safe to drive, put the set belt(s) on.

Keep your eyes on the road and mind on your driving. You should not text message, be on the phone, put the make up on, eat your lunch, write a note while driving. Remember this: Any activity that you perform while driving which is not related to the act of driving can result in a fatal accident.

Never get upset or hostile towards other drivers. Always avoid confrontation. Accident can happen during the confrontation or after the confrontation because you are mad at the other person. Don’t drive fast when the light is yellow. This can cause an accident.

Don’t go over the speed limit. Simple! Stay clear of big vehicles like trucks, buses or trailers. With large vehicles, your view is blocked so you must be extra careful when crossing them. Avoid the “death lane” which is the far left lane unless you have to pass another car and there is no other way.

Observe signs and rules of the area where you are driving.


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