Do you Know Beers are made of Herbal?

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Lets know how actually these beers are made of herbs:

These homebrewers use hops as a way of creating a certain amount of bitterness which gives a same taste of Beer hmm.. so as to cut down the sweetness of the other ingredients..

The use of herbs in homemade beer, changes the complete secnario of beer making.
Herbalists have been making a substance called tinctures by soaking herbs in various types of hard alchohol for a long period of time it is just  a way of concentrating the effective compounds of the herbs , and then putting the liquid into capsules, or simply as drops in a glass of water.

By mixing your homemade beers with herbs, you not only get to enjoy your home made beer , but you also get the additonal medicinal benefits of the herbs you use in the beer.

How they prepare it and what all is Required:


Mango 100 kg.

Sugar  8 kg Medicinal plant 25 kg

Barley 3-4 %

This is for 100 beers.


Fermentor,Pareurization Machine.



1. Peal of the Mango fruit for the prepartion of juice.

2.Wah the medicinal plants  the Crush it and  mix with water in the specified quantity   to get the plant juice; prepare the bitter powder by separating the layers of the said juice then  concentrate and dry.

3.need to prpepare the base material by mixing fruit juice, water, sugar, barley, bitter powder  and Autoclave the mixture.

4.Mix iy\t up and put in the fermentor machine.  .

5.Collect the end  product after the  complete fermentation(approximately after  72 hrs) and  pasteurisation.  Fill those in the bottles.


That completes the making of Herbal Beer. Guys trust me  i ahve tasted this it just gives similar  taste of the original beer.

Try it and let me know, Believe me you will Love it.



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