National Ovarian Cancer Month

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month started in 2001. This year’s events have included the selling of teal hair extensions in New York for $10, a butterfly release in the memory of a loved one, bunco, field hockey and walks.

The month started off with National Teal Day of 9/4/2009. Individuals wore teal to represent the deadliest of all of the gynecological cancers and the fifth deadliest cause of death among women.

Georgi Morales Director of Marketing and Communications for The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance said the event was a success, “Yes, but there is always room for improvement.”

According to the American Cancer Society 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The overall five year survival rate is 46% .

At the present time there are no screening methods or early detections tools.

However women can look for this signs and symptoms:

* Bloating
* Pelvic and abdominal pain
* Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
* Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)

Additional symptoms may include:

* Fatigue
* Indigestion
* Back pain
* Pain with intercourse
* Constipation
* Menstrual irregularities

It would be quite helpful for women if there could be testing for early detection and a cure. But in order to do this it essential to have funding available for for research.

The goal of Ovarian Cancer National  Alliance is “advocacy, awareness, and education,” Morales said.

One will get an opportunity to learn more about ovarian cancer by attending one of the special events taking place in your state. If you go to and look under the events calender one will have an opportunity to see a full listing of the scheduled events in your area.



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