Spring Break Fort Lauderdale

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Spring break where and when did it all begin; we can go as far back, as the Romans and the Greeks time. But let’s not go that far, destination Fort Lauderdale, FL where it all began, over fifty years ago. It wasn’t until the ninety-sixty spring break that got a little wild and crazy. And all because of a movie call “where the boys are.†Fort Lauderdale is the home of spring breaks, with more then seven miles of clear sparkling beaches, major events to the hottest dance clubs.  This year alone from February to April over 250,000 students from all around the country will be there to celebrate spring break. Let me correct myself, from all different countries and in various different languages. You could even learn a second language if you want to, while being down there. But for me, myself, I speak the international language, its call the body language! But that’s another story; make sure you have your reservation made out, no later than October. If not you’ll have to grab a sleeping bag, a tent and go out camping around Lake Okeechobee. But be very careful with the alligators-s-s-s, they don’t speak English, only body language and that’s not the type I was talking about! And you will miss out, on all the fun.


   Why after all these years’ students still comes to Fort Lauderdale for spring break. Why they safe there money year round and dream about it, all day long. I’ll tell you, what they are looking forward to. The home of the las Olas, where they will party all night long. Dancing clubs after dancing club, so make sure you bring a second pair of dancing shoe. After an hour or so, of resting, you’ll head to the beach, where a wide range of activities from boating, jet skiing, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, plus volleyball and rollerblading. By noon you have worked out an appetite. Grab a bit to eat at the sports bars‘, tiki bar, raw bar, lounge or a restaurant. You can even bring your own picnic basket and enjoy it, at a picnic park. But the fun isn’t over yet it‘s just begging. But please do not forget to take a shower around this time!!! Now you have to make same decisions were to go. The air show, sea show, oceanfest and many other special events. How to get to these events and others, there should be some brochure in your hotel lobby. If not ask the front office clerk, he or she will tell you how, where, and when. If not follow the crowd and you might experience something new you might like it, enjoy it or dislike, even be disgust with it, but be very careful.


        If relaxation is what you desire, sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Fire Museum, Historical Society museum of Art, Discovery and science museum, the Memorial auditorium, how about the Baltimore Orioles Spring training park. If all you could afford was the trip & hotels don’t worry about it, here’s a list of free admission places. Noon tunes at Stranahan Park you hear music from country, rock n roll, blues, and much more. The starlight musicals at Holiday Park on Friday nights, from 7 to 10 p.m. summer concert series with exciting line up of bands. At Riverwalk there are always, something going on at one side or the other of the inlet. I worked there myself building the park.



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