Exercising and transportation at once!

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Many people don’t acknowledge bicycles as a legit method of transportation. In fact, most people only use a bicycle for recreational purposes. Let me tell you why I think riding a bicycle is the best form of transportation out there.

Riding a bicycle gives you far more flexibility than for instance riding a bus. In town, you travel at approximately the same speed, but without having to worry about any traffic jam. Also, you won’t have to walk to and from the bus stop.

Traveling over longer distances gives you a nice boost of fresh air compared to other means of transportation. This will fresh up your mind and body so you will arrive a lot more “alive†than traveling by car or bus.

The exercise is GREAT! The extra 15-30 minutes you’ll spend on cycling instead of driving are more than compensated by not having to go to the gym anymore. Your shape will be far better than your friends and co-workers. Also, you save tons of money by cancelling you gym subscription.

You save tons of money! Not only from cancelling your gym subscription, but also fuel, road taxes and car insurance. By saving all this money you will have earned back your one-time bicycle purchase in a matter of months!

While cycling, you will have to pay less attention to traffic. That’s why you can over think many things. You can also stop and enjoy the environment if you feel like it.

Altogether a great and fun way to move from A to B with many benefits!


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