How to have a great vacation!

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Try to enjoy the trip as well as the destination! Most people spend the entire day lingering at the airport waiting to fly 3 hours just to arrive and wait for their luggage. For some locations flying may be better since it’s just too far to drive. Other locations can be reached with a car or even by boat. The latter two obviously take much longer to arrive at your destination; however you will be able to do tons of stuff during your trip. For instance, you can spend a night or two on different locations and explore the surrounding area by car or even better, by foot or bicycle. Hiking is usually great when enough nature is present. The next day you can just start moving to your destination again.

It may sound silly, but if you’re planning for a vacation, try to plan as little as possible. It’s always great fun to just drive/fly to a certain destination and find your way from there. Most locations offer a wide variety of hotels, rooms and camp sites all over the place. By not booking for one, you won’t be forced to stay at the same place for the entire time. If you don’t like the place, just move somewhere else.

Once arrived at your destination, ask around for a local tourist center. Trust me, asking is much faster than looking for it yourself. Also it will give you a chance to interact with the locals. Usually this is quite fun if they’re polite and fun. Once you’ve found the tourist center, ask for available residence nearby. Don’t always go for the ones near the beach since they’re usually overcrowded and noisy. If this is your thing, then go for it. If not, then consider residence somewhat uphill if possible (this usually gives a magnificent view of the town and even the sea). This is not recommended if you don’t have any transportation though. Walking uphill will be a pain!

Once you’re all settled you should start off with a relaxing shower or bath to relief yourself from stress. After that just relax a bit and see if you can get some information about the area from people or brochures etc. If there’s time left you can go to town or the beach/lake and have a nice dinner afterwards. Don’t worry about the time. You’re on vacation and have all the time in the world.

Try to switch between relaxing days and active days. It’s quite nice to do some activities in the area as well as relaxing. Whatever you do, do not stay near your residence. That’s going to be boring and you might as well go to the swimming pool at home if you’re into that. Think of entertaining activities you want to do on your vacation such as hiking, snorkeling, explore a cave, renting a boat etc. These things usually add so much depth to your vacation you will remember it forever.

Good luck and have fun!


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