Mountaineering equipment checklist, can also be used for camping

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serves as your reference; pls check!




internal frame; it must hold everything you need; weatherproofed; check for repairs; Boys: 50 – 65liters(mid-tall packs); Girls 35 – 45liters(daypacks)



ankle high – low cut boots; lightest; flexible; laced; check for repairs


for campsite use; check for repairs

Sleeping Bag

the single most important we carry; if borrowed wash after use; check for signs of wear and tear; check for repairs

Trail Mattresses/Earth Pad

will warm your back while at sleep; insultaor is a wise choice; don’t let it get wet; check for repairs


Trekking Apparel & Equipment

don’t wear cotton and jeans; polyester and acrylic is best



  • trekking shirt
  • trekking pants/shorts
  • arm and leg sleeves
  • well brimmed hats/caps
  • sunglasses
  • ankle support
  • knee support
  • cycling shorts
  • trekking poles
  • cotton gloves
  • n95 mask to prevent inhalation of sulfur



Rain Protection Gear

waterproofed; preferably breathable fabric; it must protect you from the rain


  • ponchos/rainjackets

Emergency Food

ready to eat delicacies preferably


  • 2pcs canned goods; 2pcs no cook noodles;


Trail Food

snacks which is carbohydrate rich salted and sugar rich; pack it all in one ziplock


  • dried fruit(mangos, raisins, pina etc..)
  • GORP(a mixture of nuts, bread pan, nips; green peas; bow bawang)
  • power/chocolate bars(choco mucho, hello, POWERBAR, snickers, 3 musketteers, suman)
  • trail teaser food(clubhouse sandwiches, pizza slices, ham&chees roll, waffle, sushi/sashimi etc.. hehe)


Cold Protection Gear

prevent it from getting wet; pack it in stuffsacks;put weight into its minimal


  • underware layer(fabric must be close to skin)
  • insulative layer(this will provide you additional warmth) examples are:
  • shell layer(garments that provide a final step in insulating you against the cold; must protect you from the wind and rain) example:
  • miscellaneous(for extra protection)
      • underamour na size mo dapat
      • blood red ni hensel
      • longsleeves ni josh
      • berghaus na ginamit ni kitkat sa amuyao
      • supertramp long sleeves ni hensel
      • mountain equipment ni hensel
      • arcter’xy ni ver
      • jack wolfskin ni loise
      • gloves
      • bonnets
      • windbreaker
      • socks
      • surgical gloves
      • omega painkiller/efficasent oil
      • extra leg sleeves and cycling shorts



for camp use; 3-4inch; kitchen used; sleeved

Water Container

4liter capacity; collapsible containers



bring only what you need



  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • shampoo
  • bath soap
  • petroleum jelly
  • sun block
  • lotion
  • mouthwash


Mess Kit and Eating Utensils



  • plate/bowl

water tight; so lunch can be packed

  • spoon and fork/chopsticks
  • drinking cup
  • tissue paper


weatherproof it; put in a water tight container


with extra batteries and bulb; check for repairs


High Pitch Whistle and Name Tags

wear it always; put all the personal information and emergency nos. in it


Personal Medicine

bring at least a 2 week supply


  • asthma medications
  • allergy medications
  • heart medications
  • pain related medications etc..


First Aid Kit

bring the complete kit; refer to your manual; put in a waterproofed container; important! do not forget!


Extra Plastic Bags

these will help you in a lot of ways; to pack wet clothing & equipment


Repair Kit

your equipment when it fails, you must have this


  • duct tape
  • rubber band
  • tying strings
  • swiss knife/multitool pliers
  • sewing needle and sewing thread
  • fast drying glue(mighty bond)


Electronic Necessities

securely packed; weatherproofed; in a protected container


  • slr digicams/digicams with extra batteries and memory cards
  • cellphones with extra batteries
  • mp3 players with extra batteries

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