Living a good life without paying for it!

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In today’s society people tend to spend lots of money on living the good life. People always “need†to have the newest stuff available and they’re willing to spend their entire income on obtaining it. However, there are other ways to enjoy life without having to get a second mortgage or having to loan money to provide you with the latest trend.

Having fun doesn’t require fancy new stuff. This will only satisfy you for a short while. Ever bought new shoes and loved them so much at first, while after wearing them two times you felt like buying new ones already? This is a fine example of new stuff failing to satisfy your needs.

I always like to measure life through experiences instead of stuff. Doing a 10 mile hike in nature always feels far more rewarding to me than having the best cell phone on earth so you can watch TV while sitting on the toilet.

If you have to buy, buy quality! And by quality I don’t mean the newest latest thing with 1000 functions. I mean the thing that will probably outlast you if you let it! Try being satisfied with having the item for over 5 years (like your cell phone). This will make sure you always have quality items but will also save you a large amount of money.

Find free hobbies such as hiking, geocaching (, fixing items such as bicycles, shoes, furniture or even making items from scratch. A great way to spend your day is finding something you love doing without having to pay for it. Heck, some hobbies may even earn you a little money. You can trade your skills for other stuff. If you like playing games, try downloading one for free instead of buying one. There are lots of cool free games out there that can give you at least a few hours of fun.

Another good way to enjoy yourself at home for free is subscribing at a local library. You remember those don’t you? The most underappreciated source of free media around the globe. They do not only lend books, but also music, movies and games. Quite fun and another opportunity to go somewhere you probably haven’t been before.

By now you should have a global idea on how to get quite fulfilling days without spending beyond your needs. Have fun!


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