How to fix a lined CD

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How to Fix a Lined CD

CD+Paste.jpgWhen a lined CD this, the best thing than you can do is to grease to him grazes of toothpaste and with a cloth to clean the lined zone to him until the toothpaste disappears, to wash it with care, and to dry it with a dry cloth. If the scraping did not take off to him it returns to try it. The toothpaste is grazes with microscopic abrasives that help “to polish†the surface of our teeth, the same happens to the CD.

Another method is with a rubber, to happen over scratches, and soon to clear it with a cloth.

Another method exists that can be tried with cds bordered and is using rubberband for the hair, extends by the CD and it is cleaned with a rag without excessive pressure, it hopes to that it dries and is introduced in the reproducer. I insist on which it does not have to clean itself with excessive fervor, since if the gel would not even take off that is introduced in rayons.

Finally, you also can buy a CD/DVD repair kit, like the Skip Doctor. The Skip Doctor will resurface the disc and minimize any scratches. Wet the disc with the spray bottle provided and put it on the tray, playing side up. Or load it into the repair device. Turn the crank so the resurfacing wheel passes over the disc. Re-wet the disc and reverse the direction to make another pass. Remove the disc, pat it dry and buff it thoroughly with a piece of felt, concentrating on problem areas. If the disc still skips or freezes up after trying these methods, it may be beyond repair.



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