Goal Setting As A Key Secret of Success: How to Set Goals That Will Drive You to A Life of Achievement

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Goal setting is the most important ingredient for success and achievement. Not having goals is similar to sailing a ship across the Atlantic without a map. Goals like maps helps you get to your desired destination much faster rather than sailing aimlessly through life

  • First, dream! Dream of everything you want to have and accomplish in every facet of your life and be as specific as possible
  • Ask yourself “what goals will I attempt to achieve if I know I will not fail?†what would I pursue with my life if it was possible to achieve.
  • Write down your goals on paper and decide which of them is really important to you.
  • Set specific deadlines for the achievement of these goals. Make sure the deadlines are realistic.
  • For each of the long term goals build a timeline attaching specific short term goals to be achieved
  • Make sure you have set goals grand enough to challenge and stretch yourself, your abilities and your potential.
  • Write down reasons for wanting to achieve these goals
  • Constantly evaluate your progress. If an approach is not working, don’t waste time change it.
  • Take time to constantly review your goals; every morning when you wake up and late at night before you go to bed.
  • Take action immediately on your goals; procrastination is a killer of success. Do something everyday that will take you closer to the achievement of your set goals.

Set Goals that is meaningful and measurable, great and inspiring, realistic and reasonable. Successful people are those who attempt difficult, seemingly impossible tasks. Your goals must be concrete tasks you can observe after each accomplishment.



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