How to: Make your website mobile friendly learn from Google

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Yes! The title depicts everything if you want to make your website mobile friendly then learn some tips and tricks from Google India, Yesterday Engineering Manager from Google named Navneet Singh has posted one article on the same on how to make our websites mobile friendly, Make your website mobile-friendly . Does this includes any new technology?

As a webmaster you make use of the web to Desktop friendly only, but have you and have I thought of the same to been seen the same website in mobile screens, Navneet has explained how a normal website will look on Desktop PC or Laptops and how different would look when we see the same website in our hand pc’s or PDA’s (example: our Mobile), yeah I do agree with Navneet that if you see my website in Desktop’s or Laptop’s looks good (Excuse Me! My Site is simple but this has not got good design I do agree.. he…he icon_smile.gif ) and if you see the same in my mobile it looks like I need to scroll up and down (right and left), I do agree its quite cumbersome in navigating the same.

I think now! you guys might be eager to learn on how we can make our websites mobile-friendly – then catch hold of Navneet on this, he in his article mentioned that he will showcase on how we going to make our sites mobile-friendly in upcoming days, I am very much eagerly waiting for the same. Since I need my website to be mobile-friendly how about you guys!


How to make your website mobile friendly

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