How We Affect Others

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We may not be fully aware of it, but we meet people and establish relationships with them for a reason. Reasons, which at first glance won’t be as obvious, but as time goes by, we look back and realize that there’s a good reason behind all of it.

Finding purpose in our lives is probably one of the number one goals that we aim to achieve, for what is life all about if we do not know why we live? And one of the biggest factors in our lives is how we affect people in our lives, particularly those we have relationships with.

It may be as simple as your relationship with your mailman, how you correspond to him may seem trivial to you, after all you’re only one of the many houses that he goes to. But if you deal with him in a rude manner, you just might be the one of who makes him dread visiting your street, and affects him in an entirely different way. Rather than if you always have a positive outlook, then it makes him want to go to work with a better outlook as well. So it’s not as trivial as it may seem after all.

So we should indeed try to search ourselves on what exactly is our purpose in life. I do think that if you look at the bigger picture, one’s purpose in life is either to touch people’s lives in a positive or negative way. Put it in that perspective and it just might give you a clearer picture. Because ultimately our lives won’t be gauged by how much money we put in our pockets, but of how many lives we’ve touched. We are all interconnected to each other, and if we fail to see that, then it would be such a sad thing.

Our relationships with other people actually would also define us as a person. Do people perceive us as the non-approachable and miserly type, or the one who you can easily approach and rely on? I know that it sounds way easier than it sounds, but life is also all about challenges, and trying to achieve being better persons is what we also strive for.

Like people being interconnected, so is our purpose in life. Everything is just interconnected, that’s why there is a saying that goes “No man is an island” because we as human beings are social beings, and our relationships with other people could help us determine what our purpose in life is.

In a nutshell, no matter what we do, may we be doctors, teachers, farmers, presidents or students, our purpose in life may actually just be as simple as answering the question “Am I a positive or negative energy to others?”


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