You wake up a thousand desires

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Seek the reason of things
Wander in search of hidden emotions
I will love

                  in the light
                                 in the forbidden
                                         in the exotic
                                               in life

To you, who share the most beloved
you love the occult
  that pen praise thee
My body wants you
My spirit is inside yours 
Renew my mind only with the breath of your sweet mouth .
I love you at night, when lying on my shoulder
you ride your dream masterfully.
In the morning when you open the petals that cover your two crowns
Shining in the light of dawn
I look at them ferryman which delights in the gentle waters.
Forms part of the universe, neither more nor less.
You, you exist, you walk, you’re in my verses
to myself, I do not want shared.
Every movement, footprint of your plants,
either on the fresh grass, tinged with tears from heaven
Or on the cold and rough marble, craving your fire burning.
So, so I love you.
You wake up a thousand desires, your waist like a bulky, sinister crypt
invited me to take you to make you mine.
Quench your thirst for my parched throat to drain the last breath
to fill my whole existence.
You open wide the wings of my heart,
penetrate like an arrow pointed in the same fibers,
sending up like a spring all that is in hiding.
As a seal, kiss your perfumed with the fragrance of desire compressed
your lips burning, like fire and invite me in one sentence tell me:
“Come, I just want to be with you.”


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