Be careful what you wish for…

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Sarah always wanted to travel to Egypt. Since she was a little girl she dreamed about visiting the pyramids, riding on a camels back and visiting the various museums that housed the Mommies of Pharaoh Kings. Now twenty five she wanted to experience so much more. The people, the food the culture. Sarah would cut out pictures and maps of Egypt collecting clippings of her dream location. She enjoyed fantasizing about Egypt. So when her brother mentioned his intention of visiting the land of the Pharaoh’s, she felt this was her chance to finally visit her dream land. Also having her brother as a companion was a plus for her to.

Sarah promptly made the various arrangements at work, In-fact her manager told her if she took a year off work she could only return to her job by attending another interview. This was a cheap move by her manager who wanted her to stay in her current position, but also a scary decision to make for Sarah. However it didn’t take her long to realise that her life as it was would not be missed and she was happy to focus on new horizons. She had just finished a relationship with George and wanted her mind free of the whole affair.

Once they landed in CAIRO international airport and went through passport and visa procedures. They were greeted by a very handsome young man. He was a friend of her brother’s and had come to pick them up from the airport. They greeted each other and he introduced himself as Hanah. As her brother and Hanah walked on ahead of her with all the suite cases, she stared at Hanah and said quietly to herself. If I am to marry one day, it will be to you.

Cairo was very busy, there was a lot of hustle. People were yelling from all directions, people were driving fast without any care it seemed for safety. there were Donkeys and horses carrying heavy loads. There were men and children selling flat bread and corn. People walked in the road instead of walking on the pavements, which by the way were like mountings to climb.  It was a culture shock to say the least. But Sarah was up for the challenge and looked forward to it.

About two months went by when Sarah thought it would be a good idea to learn Arabic so she applied to a school where she could learn the language. There she found friends and the confidence to explore Cairo without being attached to her brother’s hip.

One day while going to her daily lesson she bumped in to Hanah the Egyptian, they greeted each other and he offered to accompany her to her lesson. She smiled and said it would be fine.  While walking with him she realized how tall he was, he wasn’t short like many of the other Egyptians, he was also quite pale compared to the reddish tones she had seen.  She was taken aback by his good demand over the English language, she felt very comfortable and happy that she didn’t have to use her own form of made up sign language to explain what she was saying. They talked about her dream of always wanting to visit Egypt, they talked about her home in England to. He promised her that if she would accept, he would gladly show her around his country and be her very own personal tour guide. Of course she accepted and was very happy with the offer.

That night all Sarah could think about was her conversation with Hanah. She was in the middle of her Arabic language homework but kept day dreaming about her new Egyptian friend. His eye’s were brown and striking, his hair was black and wavy, he was so tall and strong. She wandered if he felt anything for her. She began asking her brother subtle questions, that would give her any hint of Hanah’s feeling for her. But it seemed that he had said absolutely nothing to her brother about her. So she lay in her bed writing his name down on paper next to hers, counting how many letters they shared in their full names. She knew it was childish but couldn’t help herself, she was in love.

Sarah decided to take Hanah up on his offer to be her personal tour guide. He took Sarah and her brother to Giza, Luxor and Alexandria where they had so much fun and learnt so much about Egypt’s past. During this period of time Sarah began developing strong feelings for Hana and decided to talk to her brother about it. To her amazement Hanah had to asked her brother about her. She questioned her brother and demanded to know why he hadn’t told her long before. He explained that he felt she needed time to get over her break- up with George back in the UK. She hugged her brother and reassured him she was in fact over him and very happy to move on with her life.

Sarah was so overjoyed, she danced around her room and smiled and laughed at the fact that all that time she had been worried if he had like her, he to was inquiring about her. She began imagining marriage and kids, she could see her self in a beautiful white dress, while Hana was admiring her. She was so happy and asked herself will I actually be with the man of my dreams?

The answer didn’t take to long to arrive when her brother came with good news the following day. He explained to her that Hanah wanted to meet with her so they could speak and get to know each other, and ask a few questions. they went to juice bars, restaurants and malls, they talked and talked. He introduced her to his family and they loved her. Sarah and Hanah decided to tell her brother that they wanted to make arrangements to get married. Sarah’s brother sat with her alone and told her he felt it was to soon and that they should wait. Maybe Hanah had more to his character that wasn’t yet apparent? Sarah became very upset and angry at this advice she began accusing her brother of not wanting good for her, that he was trying to stop her from marrying the man she loved. She shouted at him and told him she was in no need of his so called advice.

Sarah and Hanah got married in Egypt. She couldn’t believe her luck. while she lay with her new husband she turned to him and said:

“You know, when I saw you at the airport for the first time, I said to myself. If I marry one day it will be you, and now you lay with me here. I cannot call this anything but a miracle. I love you”

The first three months of marriage was fun and happy, Sarah moved in with Hana and began her new role as wife. Her brother had travelled back to the UK. However Sarah began to notice a harsher and less tolerant Hanah. he became very snappy annoyed over the smallest of things, so much so, Sarah felt she was walking on egg shells every time he was around, she tried her best not to annoy him. One day while serving his food he complained it was to cold and threw the plate out of her hands. She felt very shaky and was surprised at his action. She later tried to speak to him about it when he later calmed down,  but he brushed it off and said he was under presser at work and not to worry.  She kept asking because she wasn’t satisfied with his answer. He then grabbed her by her neck and told her to stop. Sarah blamed herself for pursuing the topic, if she had just kept quiet everything would’ve been fine.

The next month her husband came from work demanding she changei. her style of dress, and stop wearing make-up, and mimicking the bitches of Egypt. Sarah said:

“But I’ve always dressed like this, this is even how you met me, I thought you liked it?”

Her husband walked up to her and said: “you look like a bitch!”

Sarah began to weep, she ran to the bathroom and locked the door.  What had happened to her prince charming Hanah?

That type of treatment continued on, until Sarah stopped going outside, so she could hide the bruises she suffered. She figured telling friends she bumped her head on a door, or on a wall, or on a lamp post began to wear thin. So she isolated herself from friends. She was oppressed, depressed and stuck. And the most difficult part of it all for her, was that she had forsaken her brother. She was grossly regretful and to afraid to get out of her situation.

 The beatings got so bad that she needed medical attention. She slowly became a scared women with no self belief. Every other day she was called ugly. She was humiliated in the streets of Cairo by her husband. For what was once her dream destination, became her living hell. She would some times fantasize about killing her husband, or escaping to her Embassy, but she could never muster up the courage to do such things. When Sarah sat down to think about her life, she realised that she was completely isolated. She had no friends and no family to turn to, She was in a strange land with absolutely no power. Her husband Hanah had all the power, he spoke the language of Arabic and English, he was among his own family and countrymen.

“Oh why Oh why did I not listen to my brother?!” she cried one day while doing the dishes.

“What did I do to deserve this?” And suddenly an answer popped in her head. Maybe it was because she never thought things through and just followed her feelings, maybe it was because she always thought she new better than everybody else? Or maybe it was because she treated one of her past partners so badly that Karma was finally catching up with her? These answers didn’t make her feel any better. however they did move her to action, to change. 

She decided to turn to God. She began praying and devoting her spare time to reading, praying and trying to find peace form within. She read books that explained that she had no way of deciding what difficulties would enter her life, but she did have the power to control her own reactions to them. Anytime Hanah would bully her she reacted in a happy enthusiastic manner, she smiled while he frowned, she called him my love while he called her the worst names ever. She decided to be as positive as possible. He was not going to destroy her soul anymore, she was going to take her power back! Behind Hanah’s back she called him all the names under the son and she complained to God about him many times, but in front of Hanah she would be the most dutiful wife. She knew if she kept positive while he was so negative, God would never keep them together for much longer. She had strong faith that God only puts people together who are a perfect match in one way or another.

After about  a month or two of implementing the power of faith and reliance on the Creator, she began receiving calls from the UK. family member’s who seemed to not care about her before started calling an e-mailing. Her brother called with a forgiving heart to. She was so happy and her confidence began taking shape. She started to really resent her husband and feel sorry for him at the same time. What a sad scared man he was, that the only way for him to feel he had any strength was to beat up a woman. His looks disappeared to, yes he still had the brown striking eye’s and the black wavy hair, but it just seemed ugly to her now, his bad character totally destroyed any beauty he had.

Sarah received a surprise e-mail from her brother, who said he was travelling to Egypt in a weeks time. She was over the moon. Not only had he forgiven her but he wanted to see her too.

Her brother came and found out about all the pain she had been suffering since he had left, he spoke to Hanah with harsh words and demanded he give Sarah the option to return to the UK. Finally Sarah had someone on her side, finally someone was standing up for her. She felt she was being rescued finally.

Sarah is now back in the UK and back among old friends and family.  She is still married to Hanah and he calls her everyday begging her to return, he says he has now changed. Sarah is in two minds because she still loves him, but she’s considering applying for a Visa for him to visit the UK, Because she says: “maybe he will act differently here among my own friends and family?”


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