What is a Blog?

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Web log or simply blog, is a personal website more like a diary and/or journal created by an individual to share his thoughts on any particular subject.

Blogs usually provide commentary, opinions, critique or news on a subject. It differs from a website in a way that websites are aimed to market while blogs are aimed to share. (although some are used for commercial and monetary purposes)

Types of Blogs

There are two types of blogs according to purpose; the personal blog and the corporate blog.

Personal blog, as the name itself suggest is a blog that functions like an online diary. Arguably the most common and the most popular kind of blog. The topic of a personal blog varies from almost everything. It can be a travel diary, it can be of hobbies and craft, an online portfolio of your artistic works or even a picture sideshow that displays your son’s most adorable baby pictures.

On the other hand, a corporate blog is designed by a company to promote and market itself. Through the use of blogs companies can interact with customers, they can answer to both queries and complaints.

Common Sources of Personal Blogs.

If you’re thinking to start your own blog, there are so many resources available in the internet. You might want to check this sites that offer web hosting and blog publishing for free.

  • Blogger.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Thoughts.com
  • Livejournal.com

Those are just examples. There are still plenty of websites that offer free blogging services. Based on my personal experiences I would recommend blogger.com.





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