How to have a memorial service fan style for Michael Jackson

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Invite fellow fans over to your home, or any gathering place you feel comfortable. Decide what the occasion will be like. For example you can have a theme party to honor and celebrate Michael. Get a cool Thriller inspired jacket, etc.
Or you can just be casual, another option for some fans is to dress for honoring him, memorable shirts, etc.


Put on your favorite Michael Jackson song, or video and watch it with friends. Discuss how he has affected your life, many of us 80’s kids grew up with Michael Jackson being the heart of the musical agenda.


Try to moonwalk or do other Michael inspired dances with friends after watching some of his incredible moves. This will bring lots of love and laughter to the atmosphere and lots of respect for the amazing talent that man had in dancing.


If you were a huge fan, like many, you are mourning right now. If you want, do something sentimental
Light a candle or make a bonfire in Michael’s memory, write any feelings, sorrows, or ways that he has affected your life for the better. Read them to fellow fans with you or burn them in the flames and visualize them floating up to the afterlife.


Let the candle or fire burn down, or keep the fire going and see it as lighting his way onward, and a way to pay respects. Continue the evening, with food, drinks, and meaningful discussion of what has passed, but also what he has given to all of us.
Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, you have inspired all of us.


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