Literature, Types and Kinds

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Literature is the art of self-expression. It comes from the Latin word, Littera, which means “acquaintance with letters”. Broadly speaking, literature describes written work that ranges from creative, technical, informational, descriptive or even scientific craft.

Kinds of literature according to structure

  • Poetry — is an artistic piece of philosophical, personal, imaginative or inspirational nature that is laid out in lines.
  • Prose — is a literary piece that is written without metrical structure.

The difference between poetry and prose is the structure/measurement. In addition, poetry pertains to poems with or without rhyme. On the other hand prose is a story that can be sub classified into fiction and non-fiction.

Fiction vs Non-Fiction

Fiction is simply defined as a product of one’s imaginative mind. It can be a short story, myth, folktale, fable or any other kinds of imaginative stories.

Conversely, Non-fiction comes out of one’s personal experiences, a true and factual account of varying information.

Common examples of literature

Poem — is a composition written in verses having standard measurements and written with a higher intensity of artistic beauty.

Legend — is an unverified story that explains the origin of particular thing, mostly natural and God-made resources.

Short Story — is a narrative work, usually written in the form of prose and tends to be less complex than novels.

Novel — is a long narrative work that roots from medieval and early modern romance. It portrays different characters and is presented on a sequential manner.

Biography/Autobiography  — biography is a written account of a someone’s life while autobiography is essentially the same, the mere difference is that autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by same the person himself.




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