Acrobat reader 9.0 doesn’t link to specific text material previously selected from content index.

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When you open a pdf file with an active content index you should be able to be redirected into a specific page by clicking on the index list. Sometimes it doens’t work with A. Reader 9.  Here’s the solution!


1)Open acrobat reader 9.0

2) Go on “modify” tab (upper left corner)

3) Open “documents” option

4) On “ PDF/A view mode” select  “never”

5) you’re done 🙂


Other Iittle tips :

1)In case you’re not able to open a pdf file you might have an issue with  character lenght  limitations,it seems silly and you’d never expect it but it happens quite often. Check the following things:

Check if the pdf file name is too long.  Sometimes it might happen that,due to improper settings, a program might save on your disk a pdf file with a quite long name.  File names have a character limitation, if you exceed that limitation the file will not open generating an error. Try to rename the file with something shorter.

Check if the pdf file is “buried inside subdirectories. If you click too many subfolders to get to your file, you might have exceeded another limit which is the mapping character limit.

(Example :   c:\>document and settings\user\desktop\documents\work\monthx\weekx\contracts\EXAMPLE.PDF.)

Try to put you material  inside a shorter path like  like c:\>documents\EXAMPE.pdf

Other tip : Are you looking for a freeware pdf converter that would allow you to save your work documents into pdf format? Try Pdf995, it’s a virtual printer that will save a  perfect copy of your documents in standard pdf format. it’s free of charge because you’ll see some commercial popups during the saving process, but the file will be saved where you want and without any view limitations.






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