Another print on demand publisher that may generate money for you

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Recently, I wrote about; the Internet’s largest and most well-known self publishing company. You upload a book you’ve written along with a cover, and they print it when somebody orders it. Fast, simple, and with great looking results. The downside is that the books end up costing pretty much to buy, since it’s of course cheaper to print 1.000 copies than one single copy.

Then we have the alternatives and the competitors.

One of them is

The idea is exactly the same as Lulu’s: you write a book – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, you name it – and then you upload it, create a cover, and publish it. The book pops up in the I-Proclaim bookstore.

However, there are a few differences. The first and most obvious one, is that you can only publish your books in one format, one size. Over at, you can choose from several sizes, if you want a paperback or a hardcover, full color och black and white, and so on. You can also download correctly formatted templates so you don’t risk giving your book a layout that ends up totally messed up when printed.

At I-Proclaim, you have to adjust the margins of your wordprocessor yourself.

When it comes to cover art, there aren’t that many designs to choose from, and most of them are a bit lame; almost religious looking. You can create a cover from scratch yourself and upload it, but that’s of course a tad complicated.

But what’s positive is that the books usually are cheaper than the ones you make at Cheaper looking, yes, but more affordable for your potential customers.

I-Proclaim also has a couple of imprints. If you sign up with them for a smallish fee, you can get an ISBN number for your book, meaning you can sell it to Amazon and to bookstores all over the world.

So, why not check out too? 


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