Advice from a NYC Math Tutor on How to Study Math

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Math is not the easier subject to study for a lot of people. It can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it is extremely important to get good grades and do well in your math courses and standardized tests. My experience tutoring math to students of all abilities in New York City and Washington, DC has given me a unique insight into how students can improve their studying habits when it comes to math. I have seen the common mistakes and difficulties that students encounter and have developed a system for overcoming them.

Doing well in a math class generally requires a three-step process. First, you need to take clear and complete notes, especially taking note of any examples the teacher gives. Then, you need to go over these examples and other examples from the textbook, preferably with a tutor, to ensure you understand them fully. Finally, you should solve problems from the textbook, increasing in difficulty until you have mastered the material. Repetition is critical and it is key to not move on until you fully understand a problem’s process and solution. A tutor can greatly help a student understand the examples and work through the problems, but it is also important that the student can solve difficult problems on their own. Generally, an hour or two a week with a tutor can help the student master the material so that they feel confident when they need to solve problems on their own and on test day.


It’s really important to do well in your math class so I highly recommend you follow the process above. You may want to retain a NYC math tutor to get an edge. NYC is very competitive and top colleges and employers are looking for students who have demonstrated their math abilities.


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