Finding the Right Gift for a Woman

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Finding the right gift idea is often difficult. The best gifts are ones that are personal and show the person that you care about them and their needs. While men look for functionality in a gift, women more often appreciate a personal touch that exhibits sentimentalism. Despite the wide array of gift items available for women, finding a simple gift for a woman can be easy and cost effective.

Purse Gifts

Most women carry purses that are armed with a variety of items that suit many needs. Small items that women can carry in their purses make great gifts and are inexpensive. Compact mirrors, small bottles of perfume, and nail trimming kits are all great items for women to have on hand. You can also purchase travel sized amenities such as lotion, Kleenex, and hand sanitizers. These items make a great gift bag for women, who will use them on the go. Plus, if you’re shopping for a mother of a young child, travel sized items like antibacterial cream, baby powder, and q-tips are especially helpful.

Cooking Gifts

Traditionally, women do a lot of the cooking in their homes. Thus, a recipe book makes a great gift idea. You can write your favorite recipes on an index card, and insert the cards into the sleeves of a small photo album. Fresh herbs are simple, wonderful gifts for a woman who cooks. Also, flavored oils make a great gift for a woman who likes to cook. This gift is useful and decorative.

Bath Gifts

Many women look forward to long, hot baths to unwind from the day’s busy activities. For gifts, bath items are inexpensive and thoughtful. Mix different types of bath items together in a basket. Use bath oil, bath salts, and bubble bath. You can also purchase scented soaps or include a plush bath towel in your gift basket. Also include a scented candle in your gift basket for a present that any woman would enjoy.

Personal Gifts

Give your gift a personal touch.  If the woman you’re buying for works in an office or is a teacher, make a gift bag of items like pens, paper clips, and staples. If the woman works in the medical field, a pair of monogrammed scrubs makes a really personal gift. If she likes to garden, you can create a basket filled with different types of seeds, gardening gloves, and small gardening tools. Often times the most perfect gift tends to be a photograph of the two of you; position it in the perfect picture frame, and attach a note telling the lady how much you appreciate her.

Luxury Items

A great idea for a woman is to buy something for her that you know she wouldn’t purchase for herself. A gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, or massage is a great idea. Or for an even better idea, write out a coupon for the lady offering a “date†for the two of you. You could take her out to eat, to a movie of her choice, or to a day-spa for all day pampering. You can also small, luxurious items that any women would really appreciate. Get her a pair of cashmere gloves or socks. You could buy her a silk scarf.


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