Being Human, Be Human

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Do you believe in karma, the deed? In short, we say, what we sow, that we reap. And that’s how the philosophy of karma follows. Not one, but we have many mythological references. Some believe in the theory of completing the cycle of root and fruit in a single life. Root refers to the way of the life we pertain to and fruit is the happiness or the bitterness which we achieve for that before our death. But, there are some other philosophies which say that the deeds performed by a person and the life lived by him comes from the past and follows his future generations. In short, if anyone performs something good or bad, the consequences of his deeds are transferred to his future generations as well. This is revealed in one of the most famous Greek play named”Agamemnon”.

Here, the question is not whether the karmas are transferred or not but the karmas which we perform.

Related to this, there is one more philosophic controversy. Some believe that human get the human form once based on his deeds and others say it’s a cycle which keeps on revolving. And some also believe in the complete cycle of seven births.

Leaving aside the philosophic views, let’s focus on karmas or deeds which we all perform. Even if one doesn’t believe in it, then also it should be the duty of each and every person to give his or her best. Coming out of the philosophical world, there is also a moral world which should be taken in to consideration. Going to the utmost if a person doesn’t even believe in god, he should at least be able to justify his human form.

Every one wants to be at the top. Most of us want to be wealthy and others want to have enough to be happy. Any of the two you prefer, but never leave your morality. Be sensible and human enough not to murder others for attaining your goals, leave the nation hungry for becoming the wealthiest, rape a woman to defame the whole class or kill children in the name of religion.

Whether we get one life or many, our purpose should be to make this earth more beautiful. Whether the results of our deeds be transferred or not, our aim should be to give others the same happiness for which we crave ourselves. Let’s fulfill the purpose of god for which he has sent us on this earth. Read Geeta, Quran, Bible or Guru Granth Sahib, each religion teaches us to respect human and be honest and true to others as well as ourselves.


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