Defining the new American Dream

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How to Define The American Dream Today

Some may say that the American Dream has now become a nightmare, and in some ways it may be so. I must say that I believe America is very likely still the best land for opportunity and success. Indeed, other democratic countries look to America for guidance in developing their own infrastructures, policies, and more.

Turning Point?

It seems that ever since 9/11 the American Dream is really turning a corner. I’m sure some turning was necessary, as we had become overly complacent with regard to our safety and security from threats nobody ever thought really possible. We slept, while the enemy plotted; shame on us!

If we had been more prepared, 9/11 might not have occurred, but since it did occur, we now see that we needed to:

  • Tighten up airport and border security;
  • Have our government agencies talk with each other;
  • Have fully operational Emergency Response plans and drills
  • Be more vigilant in our everyday activities;
  • Understand that not everyone in the world thinks just like we do;
  • Be able to act more proactively than reactively regarding terrorism and similar threats.


Dream or Nightmare?

Unfortunately, many of these needs have also had significant negative impacts on the American Dream. Air travel is more bother today, and many people just don’t fly anymore. But, overall it is safer; not as private though. Border passage is a bit slower today. But, it is safer, not as private though.

The rest of the story:

Government agencies are doing better, but still fumbling with things (Homeland Security, FEMA, Katrina?). Becoming more vigilant in our everyday activities appears to have created a sense of distrust and even paranoia between people. By pushing our ideas on others around the globe, we have become arrogant in the eyes of much of the world. We are getting a reputation for corruption, greed, materialism, Capitalism and downright bullying by some.


Stand Up For Freedom!

We already fought for things we’re losing now.

By promoting proactive approaches to terrorism and similar threats to America’s security, it seems we’re seeing a lot of profiling being exploited by some of our law-enforcement agencies.

Many innocent people can be caught up in something they have no part of, just because of their personal associations, religion or lifestyle choices.

Fundamentalist religion is becoming a questionable life-choice in America; the land where religious freedom has always been one of the sacred “inalienable rights” guaranteed to all Americans.


So, the American Dream!

It is still a Dream to me, but I can see how it could eventually become something else if we are not all careful to keep a tight grip on our freedoms, earned through the blood, sweat and tears of many generations past!

Tips & Warnings

* Hold on tight!

* Stay the course!

* Spread peace!

* Non-violent, peaceful protests only!


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