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PICK YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE – What do you do best? Where is your wealth of know-how? How best can you contribute?

Everyone has their own interests and you can be of value by sharing your own experience and expertise. You can best be of service and contribute by matching what you have to what others are looking for. Because competition is prevalent and your reputation will define you, be sure you do deliver on your claims. We are after all only as good as our word. 

DECIDE WHAT YOR LEARNING STYLE IS – Do you prefer to learn or teach? Do you – listen? follow instructions? do it your way? participate fully? Do you – watch & learn? apply trial & error? cite the experts?

There is a saying that you cannot be a good leader if you have not been a good follower first. It is in learning each step that you get intimate knowledge and hands-on experience that will reveal where improvements or adjustments are necessary.  Also, having been there and done it, puts you in the same space and can make you empathize, whether or not you agree or differ in perspective. 

DEFINE WHAT MOTIVATES YOU – What are your driving needs & wants? Are you pragmatic or practiced? Do you prefer what is useful or what is usable? Is your bottom line best practices or end results?

Check to see if you want to be right or would you rather contribute. It’s more beneficial to have input that expands, rather than restricts. Ask yourself why you are doing whatever it is you are doing.  Remind yourself that it is not your job to fix something or save someone – we are all accountable adults afterall. 


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