Dealing with the economic bailouts of 2008

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Stand up, America!

The World is reeling! The entire global economic machine is out of control, and nobody knows how to rein it in. We print up more money; upwards of a trillion dollars to be injected into the arms of some of the biggest cash cow corporations and the top banking giants, allegedly so the World economy will not implode completely. What do we do to deal with what might lie ahead?

Things You’ll Need:

  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Strength
  • Other, as noted in text.

Getting through the politics of it all: If you are like me, you pay some attention to the details of things like the current economic whiplash the world is dealing with. I listen to, or read, or watch some of the updates, and I must say that the news is not very bright. But it doesn’t have to be totally dark, either!

Keep focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. I guess we have to trust that our leaders know what they are doing; I know it is easy not to trust them sometimes, but when all of Washington D.C. is pretty much in agreement on something, maybe we can believe they’ll agree to work out safe and effective solutions, too. Keep an eye on it all, but let the leaders do what they must do. I think they are trying harder on this issue than some I’ve observed.

Give your opinions: Don’t be afraid to go to your Representatives’ websites to communicate your thoughts and ideas about the bailout or any other issues you wish to discuss. Don’t forget; they work for all of us, not just the lobbyists with lots of cash.

Be patient; it will all work out, they say! We really don’t have very much choice about the grand scheme to fix the broken economy; so all we can do as everyday citizens is wait it out, I guess. We know that some not-so-nice experiences might be ahead, as the economy goes through the throes of whatever pain it is going through. We will need to be prepared for those experiences, but let’s try not to fret too much!

Take the time to smell the roses! It becomes apparent that most Americans will be forced to rethink their spending; retailers are concerned that shoppers will not spend enough to keep their profits up; shoppers are concerned that their energy, health care, food, gasoline, and other necessary things are being priced out of their reach. Perhaps this is an opportunity to stop and smell the roses, as they say. Maybe we don’t need all the “stuff” we buy anyway! Maybe we don’t have to vacation in Hawaii. Maybe we can find contentment and joy in staying home or close to home. Maybe we will spend more quality time with family and friends. Gee, how cool is that?


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