Tibia guide

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To play tibia you first have to download the cilent and sign in.

Go to www.tibia.com and sign in there. You have to give some personal information and a verified e-mail. Then you receive your account name and your password is sent to the e-mail. Then, log in in the web page wih your account and create your first character. You can choose your character name, sex and world of residence. You can’t change your character’s world afer having created it.

Download the client and install it. Now, you can start playing

Log in in the tibia client and then with one character of your account. When you appearn in the world you’ll have a tutorial to get started in the game. The tutorial is very simple and easy to understand, so you shouldn’t have any problem to understand it.

After completin the tutorial you’ll be in Rookgard, the beginner’s island. There you can’t be attacked by any other characters. Rookgard is also called ‘first world’. When you reach level 8, you will be ready to move to the ‘main world’, which is like 100 times bigger than rookgard. Before going to the main world you’ll have to choose your vocation. In tibia there are four vocations:
– Knight. He is a melee fighter, with great melee skills, lots of hitpoins but with bad magic. This is the vocation I recommend you to choose if it is the first time you play tibia.

– Paladin. A distance fighter. WIth a paladin you’ll use distance weapons, like bows, crossbows, throwing stars and so on. He has got also some great magic spells.

 – Sorcerer. They are powerful mages, with amazing attack spells. Sorcerers are the most dangerous vocation in tibia. They have lots of mana points and magic abilities, but they have bad defense and low hitpoins.

– Druids. Druids help a lot in tibia. They are supporters, who can heal others very well. They have also great attack spells, but those are not as good as sorcerer’s ones.

Choose the vocation you like best and start playing in the main world. Friends can help you a lot in tibia; they can teach you lots of things about the game and they can protect you and give you some equipment. So make sure you always have friends in the game!

I hope you enjoyed this guide

Have fun!


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