New World Village: Let’s hope not.

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Sometimes I can’t help wonder what our society is heading for with all of its obsessions about who is living next door, and down the street, and in town, and so on. Seems we are becoming so afraid of our fellow man that we are alienating each other more and more all the time.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Acceptance to diversity profiling
  • Acceptance to diversity control
  • Acceptance to diversity discrimination

Label everyone!
Why not come to grips with the fact that all of us have some kind of glitches or dysfunctional characteristics which make us all just a little different? Not that being different is bad, rather it is human; it is normal.

So, let’s label everyone according to their individual weirdness or dysfunctional quirks, shall we?

Planned housing:
We can set up villages for housing like-minded people; people who share ideals and even dysfunctional quirks. That way, they should get along with each other, at least.

Post the labels!
We can have signs posted on everybody’s homes or apartments with their appropriate labels, so anyone who happens to pass through the area will know just what kind of neighborhood it is right away.

We can have law enforcement patrolling, monitoring and controlling behaviors, to ensure everyone is staying within their label boundaries.


We must look in the mirror, first!

OK, maybe this is somewhat far out, but, it does seem to be becoming more real. We are already segregating out certain segments of our society, like homeless people, smokers, drinkers, social deviants, drug users, handicapped people, certain ethnic, religious and racial groups, and numerous others.

It seems like it is just a matter of time before we will want to include some of the other types of people into this discriminatory profiling practice, if we are not careful. People with bad driving habits; speeders, reckless, etc. People with anger management issues. People who are liars, thieves, corrupt, deceitful, dishonest, cheaters. In general, people who are not ready, willing, or able to keep up with society’s apparent demands for social perfection.


The real paradox:
Remember to look in the mirror once in a while, to be sure we are seeing ourselves clearly; before we begin to label those who might not be just like us, or like we might think they should be. We all are diverse; in many more ways than we think.

…with Liberty, and Justice for all!


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