5 Tips for Plus Size Costumes

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Not a size 2? Wish you could look hot for Halloween? Not a problem! If you feel that plus size costumes for women just aren’t that great, you will definitely want to read on. There are a number of ways to spice up any costume, but you need to start with a great idea. So, which Halloween getups go best with a fuller body? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Choose something flowing. Goddess gowns are always a great way to go if you are a bit nervous about showing off your curves. The long flowing gowns look great on anyone and show enough skin to look hot without being too revealing.

2. Look for costumes that create a waist. Pirate outfits and other belted costumes are perfect for creating a curvier look by pulling the waist in and flaring out above and below. Pair with some tights for warmth and you have yourself a sleek looking outfit. If you’ve chosen a plus size Halloween costume that doesn’t have a belt, you can add a sash or even a chain to help create the illusion of a tighter waist.

3. Stay comfortable. There’s no need to push the pain threshold just to look good . . . so stick to shoes that you can actually walk in and if it’s chilly where you live for Halloween, don’t be afraid to add some tights to your costume. They’ll keep you warm and look great, too.

4. Draw attention to a favorite part. Do you have great hair? Top it off with a tiara and draw attention to it. By focusing on your favorite body part, you’ll draw attention away from the parts you aren’t as proud of. If you have a great chest, look for a plunging neckline in your costume and no one will notice anything else!

5. Go for hot, not lame. Sure, a cow costume will cover you up completely, but do you really want to go there? There are plenty of plus size women’s costumes available that won’t make you look frumpy, so be adventurous and put on something sizzling!

Just because you’re a little larger than other women doesn’ t mean you should stick to full cover-ups. In fact, it’s a great time to show off your curves and let everyone know that you don’t have to be a skinny model to be hot! You’ll find there are a number of great plus size women’s Halloween costumes available . . . if not in your local shops, then online.


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