Benefits of Making a New Bukisa friend

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Making friends on any site can be easy or difficult. It simply depends on you motivation and desire to make a new friend, be supportive, and share an experience with someone else.


Making friends on Bukisa can have many benefits. Not only does it give you someone with who to share the experience and ups and downs of writing, but it also gives you someone with who you can talk to when writing becomes exciting or frustrating.


A good Bukisa friend is worth their weight in gold. They will read your articles, offer helpful comments and cheer your successes. Many times these friends will give you advice on how to improve your writing skills or how to get more views. It is like having your own private cheerleader. Someone who is always in your corner rooting you on.


Keep in mind though that having a good Bukisa friend means being a good Bukisa friend. That means that you need to take the time to support them as well as expecting them to support you. It means, that you try and offer help and advice when asked, and offer them whatever help you can in terms of getting others to read their really great articles.


It also means being honest without being brutal. If you Bukisa friend lacks the skills to be a good writer, make suggestions to help them improve without being negative. Any improvements you suggest should be done through private message not on the comment section of their article. When you make improvement suggestions in the comment section, it makes the author feel as though they are being scolded.


By contacting them privately you are showing them that you respect them as a person and honestly want to help them become better at something which they obviously love.


Friendships are wonderful things and offer us so many rewards, why not add a new Bukisa friend today and give that friendship and this site your best.


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