The Holy Blood aka the Holy Grail was lost in Bruges!

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The Knights Templar were founded in the beginning of the twelfth century and had to ensure the interests of the West in the East. They received their headquarters in the Temple of Solomon, in the Holy City of Jeruzalem. It was from this location the knights took the name of Templar. The knight-monks that entered the Order wore a white mantle with a red cross. They played an important role during the Crusades , not only as soldiers, but also as bankers. In the beginning of the 14th century the Crusades were over, the Templar Knights had built up an unequalled economic and military power. In the whole of Europe, they possessed Templar Houses. Their headquarters were situated in a castle in the heart of Paris. Many kings owed the Order a lot of money. The power and wealth of the Templars made Pope Clemens and the French King Philip very envious. They concocted a plan to break the power of the Templars and to seize their assets. In the whole of Europe, the knight-monks were to be arrested on the same day, on Friday the 13th of October 1307. Since that day, each Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck…

Pope Clemens made up false accusations, in which the Templars were accused of the most monstrous heresies and idol worshipping. Almost all Templars were prosecuted, tortured, excommunicated or burnt at the stake. But some of them could get away and succeeded in bringing their treasure into safety. There was a rumour that this treasure was … the Holy Blood of Christ himself!

On Christmas Day 1148, some Templars would indeed have found a stone jar in the Holy Grave, near the Temple of Solomon, while they were in the presence of ‘Diederik van den Elzas’, Count of Flanders. This jar contained the blood of Christ. They poured the holy fluid respectfully into an octagonal bottle, of which the ends were carefully sealed with two golden roses. Diederik’s wife, the fair Lady Sybilla, was by his side. She had been infected with leprosy, like some of the Templars in her presence. When the Holy Blood was poured from one jar into another, she held the precious relic in her hands for just a moment. As a result of her leprosy, she suffered the most horrid attacks of fever. During one of those attacks, she had a vision in which she saw Bruges, that looked like ‘a new Jerusalem in the West’. She then cured miraculously, as did all the other lepers that surrounded her. The Countess made to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the Christian armies the solemn pledge to make Bruges into a new Jerusalem, a Holy City. On the 7th April 1150, the Flemish army reached this town, where the bricklayers had just finished the cathedral of Saint-Basilius. From now on, the Sanguis Christi, or Holy Blood, would be called upon for the most diverse reasons, from personal matters to important political decisions. On Good Friday, it would become fluid again, a miracle that ceased to exist when the Order was disbanded. A brotherhood was given the task of guarding the Royal Blood or the Sang Real. Because of change in spoken language, this Sang Real would become the San Greal, the Saint Graal or the Holy Grail. That’s why in Bruges, the Powers of Good and Evil, of Light and Darkness fight each other more fiercely than anywhere else in the world. If this town was once chosen to become a Holy City, then in Bruges it must have been that Satan unleashed the worst of his devils.

Unconfirmed messages claim that the Holy Blood of Bruges or the Grail was hidden in 1578, during the Religious Unrest between Catholics and Protestants. It was said to have been hidden in a house in the Spaniard Street. A false relic was returned to the Holy Blood Chapel…


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