How to find Google Keywords

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You should verify your keyword usage through the Google Keywords Tool before you start writing an article or website and again once you are done. This will ensure you are creating articles and web sites that are directed at your target audience and that Google will display relevant advertisements to that audience. This will ultimately help you make more money since the people that are looking at your information are already interested in what’s being sold.

This tool will help you find Google Keywords from a phrase or from a completed website. Below are the instructions to make find Google Keywords using the Google Keywords Tool.

Step 1


The first thing you will need to do is pull up the web page for the Google Keyword Tool. (

Step 2

When you pull up the link you will see a page with a box toward the bottom. Scroll down to that box. The first thing you will need to select is the type of keyword help you are looking for.

The top button (Descriptive words or phrases) is used when you have an idea or would like to find words that go with what you are writing about.

The bottom button (website content) is used when you already have a website or articles published and want to confirm you are using the best keywords to describe your information.

Step 3


If you select the top box you will need to enter the phrase or article idea in the box in the center of the page.

Step 4

If you select the bottom box you will need to enter the web address or URL for the website or article you would like keywords generated for.

Step 5

Now press the Get Keyword Ideas button at the bottom of that section.

Step 6


This will now give you a list of keywords that are relevant for your entered information. You can use the words listed when adding your article or site to pages, this will help increase the search results ranking in search engines like Google. If you have not created your article yet you can use the information provided to find keywords that will work best for you. Remember you want keywords that have a high search volume and make since with the information you are providing.

Step 7

To save the keywords in a document for later reference you can select the keywords from the list by clicking on Add at the end of each line. Then go back to the top of the page and select the file type to download these keywords. You can then use this list when submitting your website to search engines.

Step 8

The Google Keyword Tool is very helpful and a free way to find Google Keywords! 

Tips & Warnings

  • There are many different reports styles you can view. This will show you the basic data for your URL or idea. If you want more detailed information about the keywords provided in the Google Keyword Tool click on the choose column to display option and select all. This will tell you the Estimated average earnings per Click and any available trends for the keywords.

  • When searching on a website you have added your information (and only want information for your page or article) to you should not check the box labeled include other pages. (Step 4).

  • There are several links on this page with more information on using keywords. If you are new at keywords I strongly suggest taking the time to read this information.

  • Remember popular keywords change all the time so if you website or article isn’t performing like it use to maybe its time to update your Keywords!


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