How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bag

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Remember these are only suggestions and if they do not help you should see a doctor to make sure there are no other issues you should be concerned about.
Step 1

Do you only notice your eyes have bags at certain times during the month? For a lot of women the changes our body goes during “our time of the month†will have an effect on other aspects of our body. If you tend to notice bags under your eyes just before your menstrual cycle they could be a side affect of the PMS you body is going through. To help avoid this you should limit the amount of salty food you eat. Taking diuretics can be beneficial to help removed so of the excess water your body is storing.

Step 2

Anyone with allergies knows all too well puffy eyes and bags are a side affect. You should avoid anything that causes you an allergic reaction such as food, cosmetics, and some body soaps and washes.

Step 3

Vitamin deficiency will lead to many health problems in your body. A sign of these problems will be under eye bags. To avoid this you should make sure you are eating properly and taking supplemental vitamins as prescribed by your doctor.

Step 4

Lack of sleep is usually the most popular reason for a person having under eye bags. Take a long nap and this should be cured in no time. To help prevent under eye bags you should get plenty of sleep and avoid stress. Relaxing your mind, body and eyes will greatly reduce the appearance of under eye bags.


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