How to File Oklahoma Unemployment

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Unemployment compensation will not fully replace the income you would have received from being actively employed, however it will ease the financial burden with a temporary source of income while you are looking for other employment.

Qualify for unemployment:

To qualify for unemployment compensation you must have become unemployed through no fault of your own. What does that mean? If there is sufficient reason that you should no longer be employed by the company than you will not receive unemployment compensation. Some common reasons for unemployment being denied include:

• were discharged or fired for misconduct (misconduct is an act which is either willful or is an intentional disregard of the employer’s interest)
• voluntarily quit without good cause
• are not able and available for work
• are not a U. S. citizen and not authorized to work
• have limited the wages, hours, days, or areas of a job you would accept
• do not report for or satisfactorily participate in reemployment services
• are self employed
• are involved in a strike
• are not looking for work
• refuse suitable work
• Jobs that are between terms (when an employee knows there will be times of no income because of work schedules EX: Teachers or Sports professionals)


How to file:

File for unemployment as soon as you become unemployed! You should also file for unemployment if you are working less than full time and earning income that is less than your benefit amount. You can either file for benefits over the phone (800-555-1554) Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (excluding state holidays) or over the internet ( You will need your social security number along with the name, address, and dates for your last employer.


Approval or Denial of benefits:

Once you have submitted a request for Oklahoma unemployment benefits your claim will have to be approved or denied.

Monetary approved – If during your base period you have earned at least $1500 in covered wages and your total base period wages are at least 1 ½ times your high quarter wages.

*** Simply put – you must have earned over $1500.00 during the first 12 months of the last five quarters (five groups of three months), and the total earned during that 12 month period must be at least 1 ½ times the amount you earned in your highest quarter.

Once the monetary approval is completed it will move on to termination eligibility approval. This is typically done during the first week after you file for unemployment benefits. This first week is known as the waiting week and no benefits will be paid for this week.

Once you have filed a request for Oklahoma unemployment benefits your previous employer will be notified. A letter informing them of the request for unemployment will be mailed within 15 days. You previous employer will be ask to confirm details of your separation and will be given an opportunity to dispute your request for unemployment. If they choose to dispute your unemployment benefit claim they will have to return the information with detailed comments regarding the reason they are disputing the benefits. This must be postmarked within 10 days of the original notice being mailed to them.


Unemployment compensation amount:

Your amount of unemployment benefit will vary from person to person. This is calculated electronically using your earnings during your base period; the first four quarters of the last five completed calendar quarters immediately before you filed for unemployment compensation benefits. This will be indicated on your summary page when you file for your unemployment compensation benefits. The actual earnings amount will range from $16.00 to $409.00 (as of 2009) and is 1/23 of your highest taxable wages in your base period.

The summary will include your maximum benefits, this is the total amount of unemployment compensation you can collect during the 52 week benefit year (your benefit year start date is the Sunday of the week you filed your unemployment claim).


File weekly claims:

To continue receiving unemployment compensation you will have to file a claim each week. You benefit week runs from Sunday through Saturday. You will need to file after your benefit week, you will be verifying that you did not work or turn down a job during the previous week. You have up to fourteen days to file a claim of the week ending date (Saturday of the week you are filing for). You can either file your claim by phone or over the internet. Any claim not filed within fourteen days of the last day of the benefit week (the week you are answering questions about) will be denied.


What earnings to report:

You should report any all earnings for work that was done during that week. Make sure you report the earnings even if you were not paid that week. This verifies that you did work and should be earning money. You will also be asked for the number of hours worked during the week you are filing for.


Unemployment compensation benefit time:

Most benefits are limited to 26 times your weekly benefit amount, therefore you will receive benefits for up to 26 weeks as long as you still qualify for the benefits. You should be able to receive up to fifty percent of the total wages earned during your base period. The has been an increase to the minimum amount as of January 1, 2009 you can collect up to $8900.00 in unemployment compensation benefits.


Additional assistance:

Please contact the unemployment office near you for assistance or questions. Over the phone (800-555-1554) Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (excluding state holidays) on the internet (


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