Stay at home Moms – value your self!

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Deciding to stay at home when your kids are young is often decided for you by financial circumstances, or your circumstances before you marry. If you are already working in a good job your choice will be different than if you are between jobs. But women who choose to stay at home often beat themselves up about it, and question their decision – don’t.


If you are the main home maker in your family, and excuse me for assuming this is the female, then you have more power than you give yourself credit for. You’re the one who influences the family, even though sometimes it appears to be the bread winner who is dominant.


As a home maker you decide what goes into their mouths, you determine their tastes, not only in the food that you put on the table, but in how you decorate the house and in the clothes you buy the kids. You also show them what standards they should keep in many areas of their lives, be it cleanliness, manners or simply what the atmosphere in a home should be like, and when they go off and get married that is what they take with them. So give yourself more credit. You are contributing to society, even if it is not recognized by all.


You may envy the career woman, but she may envies you; and her kids may envy your kids. Don’t think for a minute that the hard work you do is in vein, it is just not given the validation it deserves. The young years in a child’s life go by so quickly, and they don’t return, so why not enjoy them to the full and spend time with your family – If you have that option.


It doesn’t mean your kids will turn out “better” if you stay at home, but when things go bad in their lives chances are you won’t be the last to hear about it.


Being at home is not only for the family but for yourself, use the time to take up interests, sports or studies. You could plan your eventual return to the work market, and do classes, in the evenings or on line to keep up to date. After all, if you were a multi-millionaire, would you be working or being with your family and pursuing your interests?


You can have a career at any point in your life. These days you can also combine being a hands-on –mom with work if you so choose, by working from home; on line; part-time or being independent so that you can decide your own work hours.


Well I could sit here chatting all day but I have to go start the lunch…..



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