Offer your tithes to God and He will take care of you

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Have you been working very busy these days?  Being a responsible person in your family, you spend lot of time in your work to bring home a big financial pack.  Your future plans for buying a home, taking care of children and saving money for their education, health insurance  and savings for your retirement have been a priority. This is true but have you ever  thought of offering your tithes to God?


, Tithes form a very important part of our life. God takes note of our tithes and checks whether these are 10 percent of your total income. As you agree, our Lord Almighty is a very big chartered accountant holding CPA profession for many centuries now and none of us can prove him wrong.


Jesus was asked how to pay taxes to God and Caesar. Jesus replied “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s† (Matt 22:15-22)


A poor woman had only two coins and she was offering her tithe. Jesus noticed her and said that rich people were offering a portion from what they have whereas the old woman was giving the whole of what she has.


“Give and it shall be given to you† Jesus taught his followers to practice offering of tithes to God and fixed the tithe at 10 percent. Your earnings shall surely multiply as long as you keep offering His portion of payment.


So, why not we make a decision to day to give a portion of our earnings regularly to God and the rewards are rich from God in sending blessings upon you and me.


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