The Amazing Healing Power of Tea

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Ginger Tea

This spicy tea has long been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems including vomiting and motion sickness. Ginger is also known to help lower cholesterol and works as an effective blood thinner.

Fennel Tea
Fennel tea is used to relieve bloating, stomach cramps, colic and other stomach discomforts.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea is said to relieve everything from stress to irritable bowel and diverticular disease. Chamomile can be taken as a tea, or used externally. Chamomile is often used for: soothing skin rashes, controlling insomnia, reducing menstrual cramps, soothing mouth sores, and promoting general relaxation.

Licorice Tea
Forget the wine glasses on a night in front of the fire with your significant other, and try some licorice tea instead. Licorice root tea is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Other uses include: relief of coughs and congestion, reducing seasonal allergies, and soothing menstrual cramps. Warning: licorice should be taken only occasionally and in small quantities. It is advisable that you consult a health care professional before drinking Licorice Tea.

Green Tea
Perhaps the most widely used tea in the world, Green Tea is good for just about everything. Green Tea fights acne causing bacteria, is a digestive aid, promotes bowel regularity, helps fight cancer, helps in stabilizing diabetes, prevents heart disease, and even helps to slow the aging process. But perhaps the biggest claim to fame for Green Tea is its ability to help you lose weight. It is said that drinking three cups of Green Tea every day speeds the metabolism up by approximately 90 calories per day- the equivalent of 30 minutes of ice skating. I would much rather sip tea than ice skate.

Rooibos Tea
Rooibos Tea (pronounced roy-boss ) is an exotic tasting tea that is naturally caffeine free. Harvested from a red bush in South Africa, Rooibos Tea is also known as Red Tea, and has many healing qualities. Rooibos Tea is used for, but not limited to, healing skin rashes, relieving nervous tension and irritability and relieving headache and insomnia.

Rooibos Tea contains many important minerals including alpha-hydroxy known for leaving skin smooth and healthy. Because of its high mineral content, Rooibos Tea is also good for your teeth and bones as well as your metabolism. When shopping for Rooibos Tea in a health food store, you may find it called Allergy Tea, because of its effectiveness in treating seasonal allergies.


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