If you got the skills then certainly you can become a gaming expert

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Lots of time people ask who are the gaming experts and what does it take to become a gaming expert and what game experts do Do they have a respectful life as we do ,most of the people mocks you when you say that you play games to make your living


So what are the factors that counts or qualities needed to become a gaming expert. any one who has the knowledge or ability to play skillfully is an expert because there is no institution that offers certificates or degrees in gaming so the more the information and problem solving skills you have the more are the chances for you to become an expert


Now if you have indulged yourself in gaming then you have to keep pace with new games and gaming systems that become popular in the gaming world. Now there is no one to guide you so you have to guide and grow yourself in this industry. If you are an expert then it becomes necessary for you to keep on learning and this should not be a  hard thing to follow


You could also try Networking with other video gamers like you networking helps you to learn new tips and tricks or stuff that you are unable to discover yourself further networking brings opportunities as well. There’s nothing like networking with the best gamers around because you will learn their strategies and secrets.


Now to improve your skills you can either go for training programs or apprenticeship programs you should find gaming networks and discussion boards

or further you can subscribe to gaming websites or magazines


A word of caution people will mock you because gaming experts are still not welcomed here people still believe in 9-5 jobs. So be confident and you know what you are doing You should always look at your present rather than focusing on your past.












You can become a gaming expert all you need is patience and knowledge .people may be jealous of your position just ignore them and work continuously to improve yourself


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