using ballistae to farm npcs

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My Attack Force:

100 Warriors

25 Ballistae

1 Level 11 Hero

100 Transporters

Familair Level 1 Barb Defense:

50 Warriors

40 Pikemen

35 Swordsmen

15 Archers

8 Cavalry

1000 Traps

Attackers win, total casualties … 100 Warriors

Returning with: 55K Gold, 100K Food, 100K Lumber, 100K Stone, 100K Iron

If I hadn’t sent the Warriors at all, I don’t think I would have lost anything … I just couldn’t believe that, so I included them just in case. of course, they rushed in and were picked off by the traps. The key is that with Archery lvl 6 (which I have), the Barb city archers can’t reach the Ballistae … they’re sitting ducks. If you happen to have a lvl 1 Barb city very close to you, I don’t have to tell you how important a discovery this is.

I’ll keep posting these as I figure out how many Ballistae are necessary for each level of Barb town. Gonna run this one over and over again for awhile though to finance research. I think I want Archery lvl7 before venturing on to lvl 2 Barb towns. But 55K Gold in exchange for 100 (or possibly 0) Warriors is a trade any of us would make all day long … and I plan to do so!

Happy Looting!


Lvl 1 Barb Town — 25 Ballistae, 35 Transports (100K Food, 55K Gold, 20K each of Lumber, Stone and Iron)

Lvl 2 Barb Town — 50 Ballistae, 50 Transports (200K Food, 65K Gold, 30K each of Lumber, Stone and Iron)

OK, now with Archery 7 … and I’ll keep updating as I confirm with successful hits!

Lvl 3 Barb Town – 175 Ballistae, 150 Transports (900K Food, 75K Gold, 75K each of Lumber, Stone and Iron)

Lvl 4 Barb Town – 250 Ballistae, 250 Transports (1.6 mil Food, 300K Gold, 120K each of Lumber, Stone and Iron)

OK, Archery 9 / HBR 9 … supposedly I’m invincible now up to lvl 5 Barbs … here’s what I got:

Lvl 5 Barb Town – 500 Ballistae, 445 Transports (3 mil Food, 450K Gold, 180K each of Lumber, Stone and Iron)

Level 5 is supposedly the highest you can go and suffer 0 losses (without catapults, anyway).  If I come up with a way to effectively hit a lvl 6 such that the losses are acceptable then I’ll post here, but for now I think this concludes my research for a while.

It’s also worth pointing out that there is considerable Hero experience to be had here.  Level 1’s and 2’s don’t offer much, but you’ll get 40K for a level 3, 41K for a level 4 and a whopping 93K for a level 5.  Continual hits will make your heroes beastly in no time!


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