Working With Bukisa Can Benefit You!

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If you enjoy writing and have a mind for research then you could make yourself a career writing for websites such as Bukisa.

It can be a case of writing about what is considered “in and now” or you can pick any topic. The key for writing articles which WILL generate you income is “keywords”. Using keywords will help you optimize your articles so that they appear higher in the search engines, which will in turn generate more page views. More page views = more money.

Keyword options can be found using tools such as Google Adwords or Wordtracker, and should be used throughout your article in order to gain a 3-5% keyword density rating. But be warned, if you use your keywords too frequently throughout your article then the search engines will see this as “keyword spamming” and will punish you by moving your article down the results ladder.

You can make a full time career writing for sites such as Bukisa or Examiner but you have to put the effort in. If you are serious then apply yourself to one website to begin with and build yourself a profile. Make sure you dedicate enough time each week to write numourous articles as you cannot “slack off” just because you are working at home. You have to treat this as you would a full time job.

Another idea would be to spend one evening a week coming up with ideas for articles. This doesn’t matter whether it comes from the news, discovery programmes, the radio, or from a book you’re reading. It’s always good to have a list that you can refer back to.

On that note – Good luck!


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