Resident Evil TYRANTS

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Tyrants have always been the major villains in Resident Evil games. They are also among the most interesting portion of the games- they are strikingly cool in appearance in comparison to clumsy zombies encountered throughout the games. Fans would always expect a tyrant whenever they play Resident Evil. Tyrants are built to withstand heavy weaponry- designed to give gamers a a hard time getting through the game and force the gamers to develop strategies in order to find weakspots and take the tyrants down. They’re just intended to keep the fear factor alive and as a result, keep the game interesting.

Perhaps the most popular tyrants in Resident Evil franchise is the T-103 that appeared in Resident Evil 2, who is unofficially known as Mr.X and the infamous Nemesis of Resident Evil 3. These two can also be considered unique among others in that they’re some of the very few tyrants who appeared throughout the game and also served as final bosses, while other tyrants, like the one fought in Resident Evil Code Veronica X, only appeared twice in the game and was quickly defeated by Claire Redfield.

In today’s newest Resident Evil games, tyrants are no longer seen since the protagonists are no longer dealing with creatures infected by the T-Virus. In Resident Evil 4, zombies are replaced with Ganados, which are humans in appearance and perhaps weaker than zombies in the previous games. Also, the big bad tyrants are replaced by the much more dangerous chainsaw-wielding freak seen in The Mercenaries mini-game, and the mad gatling-gunner who’s about the size of a tyrant.

Some fans miss the previous games, because zombies have always been the scariest things in the history of Resident Evil. The image of the T-Virus is pretty much done for, and if for some reason it spreads itself once again, some fans would be pleased.


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