How Phonebook Backup Works?

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You All know that now-a-days Many Mobile Phone Operators Offer Phonebook Backup at reasonable monthly fixed charges. So That If you lost Your mobile and Purchased a new one you can import the contacts to your mobile from your Mobile phone operator.


This Works in simple way.. You all know that there is an general format for all..  Likewise Contacts And Phone Book have a general Format. The File Format Supported For this is .csv (Comma Separated Values). All The contacts are Stored in .csv file. CSV File Have 5 Basic Common Fields They are


First Name Last Name Home Phone Mobile Phone E-Mail


one can increase fields according to their needs But in final it is saved in .csv File.


In GRPS enabled Mobile Phones Contacts are stored in this .csv file in phone Memory. The CSV Files are Smaller Files(2KB-5KB) it is easy to upload and download in lowest internet connections. You Must Have Seen That when you connect your mobile to PC you can save all contacts in Your PC. Likewise if You Subscribe For Phone book Backup Mobile Operator Will Access your Phone Memory and Save all the CSV files in their Server Under Your Mobile Phone Number. In Case If you want to store all contacts in your New Mobile Phone, If You Approach Your Mobile operator, They Will Save All The Contacts In Phone Memory From Their Server Where They Have Stored Under Your Mobile Number. The Other Main Advantage is You Can Store your Email Contacts In Mobile Phone And Vice Versa.



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