Meditation is just being watchful

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Sometimes when we really go mad with the constant inner chattering of the mind, we try all the ways to stop it. The very fight that we do with our own mind, strengthens that chattering. Fighting with the mind is fighting with our shadows. Chasing the mind is like the dog chasing its own tail.

So one may ask is there a way out to get out of this constant inner chatter. Yes there is. But not by fighting with it. Not by saying yes or no. Not by altering your thoughts in any manner. The ultimate solution is just to Watch the mind and all its games as an outsider, as an on looker. It is very difficult but yet possible. One must have an understanding that the mind that we have been carrying has not lead to any peace rather it has created conflicts. It has not given bliss, it has just given frustration. Knowing this it self is such a freedom. Just watch the thoughts like you are watching the clouds, like watching the suset, like watching the waves.

Please note that you need to watch the thoughts as they are without indulging, judging. What ever thought comes, just watch. Don’t judge this is good this is bad. Don’t say this is beautiful, this is gruesome. Do not be choosy of the thoughts. To be precise, just allow some space in you where any thought can come and go. Do not suppress.

So what thought comes doesnt really matter. But your watchfulness matters. All you need to do is to keep this thread of awareness from the time you wake up. Day by day you will learn this knack of seeing the thoughts as they are. A distance will be created between you and your thoughts. And when the distance is more the awareness is laser sharp and when you are aware less thoughts visit. It is like a television. The more the grains on the television, the picuture will not be clear. This is true to our consciousness as well.

A day comes when there are obsolutely no thought, a great silence. Meditation happens from that space. Meditation is not a doing, it is a happening. It will happen only when you stop fighting with your thoughts. It doesnt matter whether you get thousand thoughts or 1 thought. Even a single thought and indulging on that single thought will bring a train of thoughts.

A journey from thought to thoughtlessness is meditation.

A journey from words to silence is meditation.


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