How to invest in Xerox Stock with $10.

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Xerox Corporation (XRX) offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan to all shareholders of record. The Xerox Corporation’s Dividend reinvestment plan is a good deal for investors both small and large a like. Investing in this S&P 500 staple is a good investment in these tough times.


Xerox engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, servicing, and financing of document equipment, software and services worldwide. Its products include printing and publishing systems; digital copiers; laser and solid ink printers; which can print, copy, scan and fax; document-management software; and supplies, such as toner, paper, and ink.


If you own shares of Xerox Corporation with a broker you can get them transferred to Computershare Trust Company, the transfer agent, for a small fee usually $25-$30. If you do not own shares, open an account at, or and purchase one share, plus commission. At the latest close the transaction should cost between $15 and $30. Once enrolled in the plan, you can purchase stock at $10 per transaction computing your account to fractional shares up to six decimal places. For example if the share price is $7.68 and you invest $10 the shares purchased will be 1.302084. Each investment is made weekly on Monday. Dividend payments are invested separately every quarter, also up to six decimal places. Once enrolled in the plan there are no fees to purchase more shares.

With the reinvestment of dividends and optional cash investments your position in The Xerox Corporation will grow and multiply in this great company.


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