How to get the Twilight Series of Books for One Dollar

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The Twilight book series, by Stephenie Meyer, as most people know by now, is a four book series. The first two books, Twilight and New Moon are available in paperback, so you can usually find them for a fairly good price at your local book stores. The second two books in the series, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, are only available in hardcover, so they end up being pretty pricey. I have found a way to get them for 25 cents a piece , which means spending only ONE DOLLAR on the entire series!!!

Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You’ll Need:

  • Internet access to join the club or call their 1-800 number
  • A love of reading
  1. Step 1

    Log on to the Children’s Book of the month club I know it seems odd to get these books through this club but they are books for young readers so they are available here. You need to sign up for a membership to get the discounted price, but it is so worth it. You pick 8 books total for 25 cents each and pay only 4 dollars.

  2. Step 2

    Start picking your books first. They will show up on the right side of the page on a list with the 25 cent price next to each one. Pick all four Twilight series books, and then 4 more books too. Most of them are children’s books, but if you have a child, or know a child, they make wonderful gifts. You also get a free backpack when signing up.

  3. Step 3

    Once you have all of your books picked, you continue on to sign up for a membership. It really is a great club because you don’t get automatic shipments any more and you are not charged for items you don’t order. Your obligation is to just buy 4 more books within the next year at your own pace, and then you can cancel any time. It’s a great way to start builing a library.



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