Bali Dance Practice by Video – Learn and be Perfect

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In a much needed learning various strategies used to help us as teachers to the subject matter correctly, effectively and efficiently. Especially in learning dance, in addition to the material, students are expected to also be able to embody the range of motion of the material provided in the form of practice and training to become a dance piece, a video learning various Balinese dance 1 “Agem”. This can give flexibility to students in learning Balinese dance is technically so students can understand the move who want to set up or move some messages in each movement is taught, and time constraints of teaching and learning will not be a barrier for students to obtain maximum results, this video also as tutor or as an independent study of current students, since they are in accordance with the competencies to be achieved in the process of teaching hall.

As one of the learning strategies that can be done is targeting the right media selection and appropriate. For that in learning this dance, we selected video media are included in the classification of the projected media silence with the media than others. Because the video medium has the advantage that can be adapted to current conditions, with the advance of science and technology development, the video is a tool that is familiar to us, and of course via video, we can attract more learners to focus on understanding the material because attractively presented, and the video is a demonstration rather than dance to be taught that can be prepared and recorded in advance so timing can be more teaching materials focus on the presentation, can save time because the video can be played back quickly when students feel less understanding of certain elements and the video can also be frozen as well as pictures to look deeper, and then the size of the voice can also be arranged when we give interpolation comments or questions raised.

Although this video media also did not escape the weakness he has, but we chose this medium because we also consider the condition of the scope of covered target and user convenience. And to this day and age, we had to already familiar with the media, and we believe the media can do more than he could do.
The factors to consider include:
1. Instructional goals to be achieved can be formulated according to the general instructional where students can appreciate the composition range of motion in the form of a group (5 persons), and of course this is followed by specific objectives as follows:
• process Students can learn to change initial motion motive movement ended with the right techniques and good.
• Students can identify the range of motion 1 with various other movements of the intensity of the motion, motion accent, the source of motion,
• Students can assemble from a single motion with another motion adapted to the character of the motion.
• Students can develop varieties with each other movements followed by music that can accompany up to Wiraga, Wirama and Wirasa may appear.
2. Student characteristics or goals that are a necessity that can not be avoided by the students who want to learn the dance context, the efforts of students can be met with the media Bali dance video lessons “Agem” which will streamline time, space and conditions that are not possible, it is infrastructure that can optimize the students will grasp the media images of the video that will make it easier to be recorded in the brain to better understand students and to understand the objectives will facilitate the teaching-learning process.
3. Type the desired learning stimuli
4. Environmental conditions
5. The extent of coverage you want to be served


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