Make money from selling printed, professional looking books – written by you

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So… You’re writing loads of articles for the Internet. News items. Reviews. Short stories. How to:s.
    But you still don’t really feel like a real writer – or an author. Something’s missing.
    Yes. We all know what’s missing: the smell of ink and paper, the nice feeling of holding a printed publication in your hand; lying down on your back while reading…
    You want to get published in a real, printed book.
    So, what’s stopping you?
    Go right ahead, have your material published in a book – for free! And earn money on it!
    Now, how is that possible?
    Well, thanks to a company called Lulu. There are a few more similar companies, some in other countries than the U.S. – in Sweden, for example, there’s is But Lulu is by far the biggest and the one with the best features.
    Make your own publication within hours – or minutes! Lulu lets you create paperback books or hardcover books, magazines, comic books, calendars, even CD:s and DVD:s. You can use their online layout and cover wizards, or make it all yourself and save it as pdf-files.
    How come this is free?
    Because this is a print on demand-company. They don’t print your book until somebody orders it. If one guy orders it, they print one copy. If 500 order it, they print 500 copies.
    The downside of Lulu is that the books have a tendency of becoming pretty expensive because of this system. $25 or so for a slim little paperback is a bit too much.
    On the other hand, the books do look professional, and if you add an ISBN number to it, you can sell your book in bookstores around the world and on sites like Amazon.
    Wanna have a look at the stuff from Lulu?
    Click HEREand check out my books. Note: one of them has a little nudity on its cover…! As you can see, you can flip through the first ten pages when you click on “preview”.
    See you over at Lulu’s and good luck!


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