Pearl Jam – Backspacer!

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Pearl Jam’s highly anticipated ninth studio album released on September 20, 2009. This band is not only great but productive. Eddie Vedder the miraculously talented frontman has done little side-projects throughout the past few years. But the band is scheduled for their 20th anniversary in 2011. Pearl Jam, being one of the original “Grunge” bands from the 90’s and also one of the better ones. Formed in Seattle Washington in early 1990, the band had a very amazing and unorthodox way that they were formed. Did you know that Eddie Vedder was singing for a band in San Diego at the time called Bad Radio? Well Jack Irons had gotten ahold of the demo by invitation from the forming members of the band. Jack passed up the invitation but passed on the demo to his basketball buddy from San Diego, Eddie Vedder. Vedder listened to the demo before going surfing one day and became inspiredwith lyrics. He then recorded the lyrics that he had come up with and sent back the Demo to the band. They loved it and decided to fly Vedder out to Seattle one week later for an audition.

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Now as we all know the band has had much success since then, and has also had many influential songs/albums. We can’t ignore the facts that they’ve been one of the better bands of the entire Grunge movement. They’ve solidified their place in history, music, and the charts. And I’ll contend that they’re here to stay.

One of the first tracks off of their album Backspacer that caught my attention would have to be “The Fixer” track three of the album. And what a fun track it is, with catchy guitar riff’s and great undertones and melodies. The entire song comes together to catch your attention and enslave your ear to the beauty of the music. It’s so in your face, just makes you want to get up and rock out. The vocals of this song are an enduring reminder of how great Eddie Vedder truly is as a vocalist.

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Ahh the sweet sounds of the acoustic guitar in the song “Just Breathe” track five on the album. It’s a mellow beautiful song. Great lyrics on top of melodies, created by the guitar and vocals, that come together to relax yourself. I must admit that its a very relaxing song. I love walking around at night, outside, gazing at the stars with this song playing through my headphones.

Perfectly named is the song called “Amongst the Waves” track six. It’s named so perfectly because it simply creates the image and feel of surfing through the music. And for someone, like myself, who has surfed before this song is great because it recalls images and memories from the past. With inspiring lyrics and guitar solo’s its quite the song. I find, in listening to the song, that it has an epic feel to it.

I love the transgression of “Unthought Known” track seven. The lyrics are great, and I love how they added the piano in this song. With great rhythm’s and counter rhythm’s in this song, I love the solo’s and the vocals. It’s a fun song, and I think it’ll be a fun song to learn on my guitar. The Lyrics are so poetic, I love it.

Track 9 “Speed of Sound” is a motivational song. With upbeat melodies and a dissonant sound created in the harmonies of the vocals. I think this will be an easy song for me to tackle, and very fun to perform for my friends. The lyrics again are poetic with metaphors that just speak to you and in essence try to teach you a life lesson if you can listen and understand.

I love the guitar in “The End” the last track on the album. This song is very true and beautiful sounding, teaching you that people change and people just want someone to bewith . I love the lyrics, they’re so poetic, simple, and beautiful. What can I say I’ve become a fan. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn this song on my guitar simply becausei’m more capable of playing rhythm and playing and not finger picking a melody while playing.

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If you haven’t picked up a copy of this fun, upbeat, in your face, beautiful, and inspiring album then you are missing out. Honestly its one of the better albums I’ve listened to, to date. Loading this album to myIpod as i type and can’t wait to be roaming the campus listening to the sounds of Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer”.


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