Hard Boiled Harry

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Want to end a small but annoying complaint?

Want to increase your income, this month?

Want to make some real pro contacts that can be very useful, some day?

Just contact Hard Boiled Harry.

For instance…

Friends are particularly enthusiastic about a person you absolutely don’t like. The probability you are wrong is great. The probability they are wrong too. Do you have to keep a distance where you feel comfortable? Perhaps that will cause some tensions, but ultimately it can be the right thing to do… So here I am: Hard Boiled Harry. I will give you some professional advice and all the support you need to get things straight.

Considering marriage?

With a failure rate of 50%, the best defense is a good offense. Remove her financial incentive to file with a pro-active asset protection plan well in advance. In straightforward, easy-to-understand terms I will learn you everything about the advantages, limitations, and costs.

Considering a divorce?

I can protect you from the whims of divorce courts and frivolous lawsuits. I will shield your salary and limit alimony to one based on a nominal salary of your choice. I will structure your financial planning and shield your entire estate layers deep and out of sight. I can remove the assets from your name, so you will control everything, but own nothing. Just trust me.

A delicate situation requires a special approach…


Ask yourself:

  • Do you live your full potential?
  • Do you really enjoy your work?
  • Are you happy with your boss? Your neighbours?
  • Do you live in abundance & prosperity?
  • Do you really enjoy your relationships?

If the answer is NO… Just contact a PRO!



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