I Is committing suicide wrong

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Life is precious…committing suicide in most cases is absolutely wrong. I can see a need for it when somebody is on their deathbed, and for example, cancer has spread through their entire body. They are so doped up from morphine from the agony that they are hallucinating. In cases like that, most of us would just like to be removed from the earth and in a happier, kinder place with our relatives who have passed before and all of the great spiritual master representing our assorted faiths. In cases like that, where death is absolutely inevitable, and there isn’t even any lucidity, suicide or physician-assisted suicide is a release for people in situations like that.

My aunt by marriage was feeling run-down for a long time. One day she couldn’t urinate…she went to the hospital and never left. She was in extreme agony from cancer, lost her lucidity to the disease and the drugs and died a month later. So I understand the need for suicide in some cases, when you watch a relative suffering so terribly, with no hope. For those with terminal cancer and other diseases that are not yet on their deathbed, there’s always hope. My mother was given a year to live from stage IV lung cancer and is still alive two and a half years later.

The point is suicide would be so wrong when there is even a shred of hope in terminal diseases. Like the late comedian George Carlin mused during one of his HBO specials ‘….it’s guesswork in a white coat…’ (referrig to doctors and their guesstimates on survival from terminal diseases. There’s such things as remission, alternative therapies, including herbal and vitamin supplementation. Committing suicide for just a terminal diagnosis is oh so wrong.

Some people just want to die because they’ve lost a friendship or a relationship. Human contact and love is so intoxicating and inebriating, to be suddenly without it can cause some people to snap. In most cases, they’ve already had a pre-existing mental condition such as bipolar. But suicide is just basically anger turned inwards and vented on the precious commodity known as life. In the vast majority of all cases, it is terribly wrong and scars the family and friends left behind for the rest of their lives.

Once you are gone, you are gone. In most cases of suicide over sudden and unfortunate misfortune, things may have turned around for the individual had they hung onto life for maybe a few weeks or months longer. Let’s face it: we are all emotionally scarred and exhausted by life. But perseverance and trudging through the hard times is the way to go. Killing ones self can never really be justified unless they are on their deathbed, where death is a release.


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