Why are you still single? Part 4

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Why are you still single? Part 4

As the never ending single gal I head off to the grocery store again, this time I am off to get a few needed items for my cats and dogs so my trip is a little more involved than the usual coffee and pie trip. Now I hate going to the store no matter what it’s for, but I accept that sometimes I just have to go, it’s better than having a bunch of hungry animals staring me down. Somehow the coffee diet just does not appeal to them. So I am forced to make a big trip to the store about once a month where I go up and down the aisles finding special treats for them and a few necessities for the house as well.

These trips remind me that I am a single gal because the store is full of families and couples, they are in every aisle, and you cannot escape them. Do you think that it makes me want to run out and find myself a man, no it has just the opposite effect on me; every trip makes me happier than ever that I am single. For instance in the produce section I find a man who is on the phone with his wife looking very frustrated because he cannot come upon what she is telling him to find. He continues to tell her on the phone that the store does not carry that particular item yet you can tell she does not understand why she cannot have what she wants. I decide all I need is a few bananas and run away as fast as I can from the man on the phone.

I then go to the frozen foods to see if they have any vegetables worth space in my freezer for the next 6 months that is the usual time for most frozen foods in my house. I see a mom with her young son; the boy was trying to sneak ice cream into the basket. When the mother discovered what the boy was doing she began to yell at him, almost crying, the boy just smiled and put the ice cream back knowing that he would get something else instead.  I quickly grabbed two bags of any kind of vegetables, at that point I really did not care I just wanted to be on my way and pushed my basket as fast as I could toward the bakery department hoping for just a moment of peace.

At this point I just want to be on my way, so I head straight for the cakes, I had promised to pick one up for my mom. As I stand there looking for the perfect for “no reason” cake for my mom, I see a young couple standing near me picking out bread. The wife is on her cell phone while the husband looks like he is bored out of his mind, as if he would rather be anywhere but at the store. The young wife continues to talk on the phone and look at bread and the husband wanders over by me to look at cakes. All of sudden you hear this scream from his wife, “honey get away from there, you know we are on a diet”. With a sad look in his eyes he slowly moves away from the cakes and heads back over to his wife to help pick out diet breads while she continues to talk away on her cell phone. Oh yes she told whoever she was talking to how close he was to breaking his diet with a cake.  I picked out a fun cake with lots of frosting and strawberries on top and took off to grab a few more items before heading on my way out the checkout.

I quickly ran through the store grabbing a few more items and headed straight for the checkout as I looked at my basket and realized I had too many items for the U scan that I usually go for, shoot I had to stand in one of the long lines with all the couples and families. Looking at all the lines I picked the one with another basket of animal food figuring they might be a little kinder people, animal people usually are. What comes behind me a young couple with a basket full of food; the woman looks in their basket and finds a package of generic American cheese. She picks up the cheese and huffs at her husband then storms off. While she walks off she mumbles under her breath “you know I only eat the name brand”.  I think to myself “it’s processed American cheese, does it really matter if it’s generic or not”?  I just can’t take it anymore, this is more than the single gal should have to deal with, and so I do what any happy attractive single gal would do. I look for the head cashier and give him a big smile, bat my lashes and before I know it he is running over to me , grabbing my basket and taking me an open lane to ring me up. I flirt with him a little bit, telling him how cute he looks ringing up my food, or if I had one less dog there might be room in my life for him.  All the while I look back and see all the couples and families standing in line still, not very happy at my special treatment. Do I care, no not really; they choose their lives I choose mine. I am happy being single; my grocery shopping trip took less than twenty minutes, which was still too long if you ask me. I will go home and not make dinner, talk about nothing with my dogs, and stay up way too late because no one is there tell me it is time for bed. If I find time I might go onto my internet dating site and see if I want to set up a few dates this week, but after my trip to the store I might just hold off on that, I think I like being single.


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